Escape Quest – The most versatile Escape Room in Zurich

With five different games in one location, Escape Quest provides a many-sided experience to which one gladly returns : Whether it’s a magic school, a haunted house or a detective story, at Escape Quest you will definitely find THE room for you!


Our games

Prison Break


You are locked in the very same cell that Michael Scofield escaped out of 10 years ago. Find all the traces that are left of his escape to get out of the cell, before the guards notice what you are up to.




The famous detective Sherlock Holmes disappeared and nobody knows where. Enter his flat and trace his location, before he vanishes forever.


House of the trapped souls


A mysterious house in the middle of nowhere. At night, one can hear voices coming from it, even though it’s been uninhabitated for years. Can you solve the mystery surrounding the house?


Magical Championship


Master the three stages of the tournament: Defeat the dragons, solve the underwater riddles and escape the labyrinth to get the goblet of bravery!


One-Way Motel


After a drink at the motel bar, you wake up in the morning with a terrible headache. Your car is gone and so is one of your friends. Searching for him, you stumble upon a cellar door with a «NO ENTRY» sign. You decide to enter …


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