Mission: Escape – the escape room with a wow effect!

Three fantastically decorated escape games offer pure fun only 10 car-minutes away from the center.


Our games



You wake up in a dark room. You can’t see a thing but you hear a voice saying “I want to play a game with you”.
The infamous murderer Jigsaw locked you into a room and all you can do to survive is solve all riddles in front of you.


Jack the Ripper


Another murder last night in Whitechapel. The Ripper has struck again and the people are scared. The streets are empty except for you. If the information you have is correct it should all be done by tonight, but will it?


The Minotaur’s labyrinth


Congratulations! You managed to kill the dangerous minotaur in his cell. But do you remember the way back out? You only have 60 minutes to find your way befor king Mino and his soldiers arrive.


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